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Based in Brisbane for more than 27 years, Duraprints is a specialist supplier for the digital conversion of videotape collections.
We digitise your old and deteriorating videos to archival quality MP4 files on USB and DVD. Our systems Include initial tape cleaning and optimised digital conversion on high end equipment operated by fully trained senior technicians. We guarantee no interlacing issues or quality degrading artefacts that commonly occurs with the use of domestic grade conversion systems.
Our videotape conversions to editable MP4 files can be supplied on a suitably sized USB flash drive in a custom printed presentation case, or for larger video collections a Portable Hard Drive may be preferable.
MP4 digital files are an internationally recognised standard file format that will play on all computers equipped with a USB port. MP4 digital files can also be played on most late model TV systems with a USB port, or on TV's via a HDMI cable or Ethernet network connection to your computer.
Although DVD is now regarded as old technology and is slowly being phased out Duraprints continues to provide a conversion to DVD service as an optional extra. This service includes custom printed DVD labelling and protective presentation cases with personalised covers.
Not sure which is the best system to suit your needs? Want to know more about our digital conversion services? Give us a call to speak with a technical consultant or arrange an appointment to discuss your project at our East Brisbane office or simply send us an email enquiry.

Prices for video conversion to MP4 digital files.

Digital conversions from VHS and VHS-C tapes. We also convert all 8mm tapes, Hi8, Video8, Digital8 and SD MiniDV cassette tapes to MP4 files.

Videotape recordings up to 1 hour converted to MP4 digital files
- $23 each inc gst.*

Videotape recordings up to 2 hours converted to MP4 digital files
- $29 each inc gst.*

Videotape recordings up to 4 hours converted to MP4 digital files
- $35 each inc gst.*

Videotape recordings over 4 hours converted to MP4 digital files
- $45 each inc gst.*

* A minimum MP4 conversion fee of $45 applies.
* Please note for MP4 conversions the cost of a suitably sized USB flash drive or portable hard drive is not included in the prices above. We can provide an estimate of that cost based on the number of tapes and duration of each video tape.
* Although rare some MiniDV tapes were recorded in high definition. POA for these tapes.

Custom labelled DVD's in protective presentation cases can be supplied in addition to the MP4 files at a cost of $14 per tape.

We can also check your video collection for unwanted content such as TV programs. See details below in the
Video preview service section.

(07) 3399 1177 or Click here to send us an email for an accurate video conversion quote.

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Talk with a video conversion expert or organise an appointment.

Call (07) 33991177 or email us for helpful advice and pricing or arrange a convenient appointment time Monday to Saturday. We are centrally located at 26 Mowbray Terrace, East Brisbane, just 5 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.
With social distancing measures in place
our Brisbane office provides professional and friendly service by appointment only. A senior technician will arrange dedicated time to take safe delivery of your collection and provide you with information to ensure that each of our conversion systems and options are fully explained.

When conversion quality matters.

Established in Brisbane for more than 27 years, Duraprints is the trusted name for video conversion services. Our dedicated video transfer systems ensure there is no quality loss or pixelation in the digital conversion process. With all video transfer work carried out at our secure production facility in Brisbane you can be assured that your video conversion project will be completed on time and at the highest quality standard.
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Camcorder video tapes record family history.

Nearly every family has a video tape collection. From the early 1980’s video camcorders gave us the opportunity to capture special family memories including weddings, children’s birthdays, pets and holiday adventures. Converting these important memories from video tapes to MP4 digital files on USB or DVD will save them for the future.
As time goes by, the vision and sound on all video tapes is deteriorating, even under the best storage conditions. Oxide shedding of the tape surface and mould are now common problems that can, over time, make affected camcorder tapes unplayable. Now is the time to convert your video tapes for the future.

copy video tape

Duraprints digital conversion process.

Our dedicated video conversion systems produce premium quality results that stops the ageing process. This is a vital step towards preserving and sharing your precious memories captured on video.
Each videotape is checked and cleaned before our digital conversion systems produce editable MP4 files that are provided to you on either USB flash drive or portable hard drive. In addition we can convert your videos to MPEG-2 files on archival quality DVD.
All converted digital files are fully optimised for playback on both television and computer systems and are supplied unlocked, allowing for the creation of additional copies.
For larger video conversion orders we will, on request, supply a sample transfer to USB or DVD from your collection to verify the superior video conversion service we provide.
Custom printed disc labelling and quality DVD protective presentation packs with personalised covers are included in our video to DVD conversion service. DVD covers incorporating your favourite family photographs are also available as an optional extra.
We convert videotapes including VHS, VHS-C, 8mm tapes, Hi8, Video8, Digital8 and MiniDV. Our conversion systems are capable of transferring tapes recorded in both PAL and NTSC formats. We can generally repair any damaged video tapes. Please note we are not able to convert any copyright protected videotapes.

Video preview service.

Not sure about the contents of your videotape collection? Perhaps you no longer have a VCR player or you don't want to risk damage to your family's fragile videotapes by playing them in an old and possibly defective videotape player. Our preview service can assist you.
Over the years it can be difficult to remember what has been recorded or re recorded on each videotape. Your videotape collection might contain a mixture of important family footage and unimportant TV shows from yesteryear.
By incorporating our preview service when you place a video conversion order for five or more tapes we will proceed to clean each videotape that has been marked as "unknown content". We can then scan and assess the content at a cost of $5 each. Blank tapes do not incur any cost. A report will be sent to you detailing the content, for example, family footage or not. You can then decide which tapes to convert. If you decide to proceed with converting any of the "unknown content" video tapes the preview cost is waived and the standard conversion cost is applied.


There are some suppliers who do not advertise a business street address or provide a mobile or 1300 telephone number only. Potential dangers with these type of operators include your irreplaceable video tapes being poorly copied by home based enthusiasts using domestic grade converters. There is also the possibility that your video tapes will be sent to conversion facilities interstate or overseas where the risk of loss or damage can be significant.

video to dvd brisbane
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