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Digital conversion of photo, slide & negative collections. Call (07) 33991177.

Based in Brisbane for more than 26 years, Duraprints is a specialist provider for the scanning and digital conversion of photographic collections.
Our digital scanning and enhancement services halt the chemical and physical decay of your important photographic images. This is a vital step towards preserving and sharing your precious memories for the future. We convert your photographs, negatives and slides to high resolution digital images and provide them on USB, Portable Hard Drive or DVD.

Our high resolution scanning service.

Every image scanned from your photo, slide or negative collection is individually assessed, cleaned and enhanced to provide optimal results. Our high end scanning and enhancement systems, operated by experienced technicians, feature colour, contrast and tonal correction for each image. Cropping, orientation, and sharpening of each image is also carried out, while the effects of silvering, mould, cracking and fading are significantly reduced. For severely damaged images click here to view our photo restoration service.

We can scan almost any sized photographic print. Our transfer system can scan photos mounted in "sticky albums", photos held in albums with corners, even photos adhered to glass. Buckled, silvered, textured and tin mounted photos can be scanned and converted successfully. We can also safely remove photos from frames for scanning.

Importantly, we do not use fully automated fast feed scanning systems. Due to the extensive limitations that these "shoebox" scanning systems impose, Duraprints has made an informed decision not to incorporate any type of fast feed auto system that not only compromises quality but can also misfeed, causing damage to precious originals. The Duraprints team recognise the unique and irreplaceable nature of all photos, slides and negatives entrusted to us when undertaking each digital conversion project.

As apposed to auto feed systems we can also scan originals in the order that they are provided to us. This can be important if you are wanting to match each digital image to originals in chronological order or originals that have descriptions written on the back or beside them in albums.

Duraprints' digitally converted images are supplied on either USB Flash Drives in custom printed presentation cases or DVD's with custom printed labels and protective presentation cases. DVD presentation packs with photo covers are also available.

The scanned high resolution digital images are suitable for printing of quality photographic enlargements, coffee table books, TV viewing and computer storage. We also supply, at no extra cost, low resolution copies of each digital image that are suitable for emailing to family and friends, posting to social media and faster computer viewing.

Call (07) 3399 1177 or Click here to send us an email enquiry or request for an accurate scanning quote.

For larger scanning orders we will, on request, supply sample conversion scans from your collection to verify the premium quality service we provide.

Consider sharing your important photographic memories with other family members, extra USB flash drives or DVD's, also in custom printed presentation packs can be supplied on request.
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Call (07) 33991177 or email us for helpful advice and pricing or arrange a convenient appointment time. We are centrally located at 26 Mowbray Terrace, East Brisbane, just 5 minutes from the Brisbane CBD. Our Brisbane office provides professional and friendly service by appointment only. A senior technical advisor will arrange dedicated time to take safe delivery of your collection and assist you with detailed information and advice.
Established in Brisbane for more than 26 years, Duraprints is the trusted name for quality conversion services. All digitisation of photographs, 35mm slides and negatives is carried out at our secure production facility in Brisbane.
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There are some suppliers who do not advertise a business street address or provide a mobile or 1300 telephone number only. Potential dangers with this type of operator may include your irreplaceable collection being poorly copied by home based enthusiasts or sent to conversion facilities interstate or overseas where the risk of loss or damage can be significant.

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