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Convert 8mm film Brisbane. Ph 33991177.

8mm film transfer to DVD prices November 2018.
50 ft reels measuring 75mm/ 3inch diameter-$24 each*.
Larger 200 and 400 ft reels @ 42 cents per foot.
Our premium quality conversion service Includes custom disc labelling, protective presentation packs and personalised DVD covers. We also supply the final high resolution digital editing files on DVD or USB flash drive at no additional cost.
(07) 33991177 or click here to send us an email for an accurate Film to DVD quote.
* A minimum film transfer cost of $75 applies.

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Duraprints is a specialist supplier for the digital conversion of 8mm film collections. Our Brisbane office provides professional and friendly service by appointment only to allow for detailed discussions with our clients. Call (07) 33991177 or fill in the form on the Contact Page to request additional information. We are centrally located just 5 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.

Established in Brisbane for 26 years Duraprints is the trusted name for quality conversion services. All film transfer work is carried out at our secure production facility in Brisbane.
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A short history of 8mm film.

8mm film was introduced by Kodak in 1932 as an alternative to 16mm film. It provided the general community with an economical method of producing home movies. In 1965 a new version, Super 8 was released with smaller sprocket holes and a larger image area greatly improving the projection quality. A single 50 foot reel of standard or super 8mm film runs for about 4 minutes.

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Our Premium film transfer service.

Duraprints premium quality digital film transfer system halts the ageing process. This is a vital step towards preserving and sharing your precious memories.
Producing a quality film to DVD transfer begins with careful cleaning of your original 8mm film. During this stage splices, sprockets and any other potential film defects are checked to ensure a smooth transfer.
Skilled film technicians using broadcast quality, film scanning equipment generate a sharp and flicker free digital recording. The full resolution raw capture files are then processed in high end motion picture editing software that provides a range of image enhancements. Background music of your choice can be added to silent movies during this stage of the digital conversion process.
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Professional presentation and packaging.

The enhanced high resolution files are re encoded for DVD playback on both television and computer systems. Scene titles of your choice and scene previews are added to the inbuilt navigational feature during this process. Personalised identification, such as names, events and dates can be printed onto the DVD disc. Personalised custom printed DVD protective presentation packs are also available. On completion of your film transfer the original film reels that have been fully cleaned and inclusive of any repairs are returned to you.
You might also consider gifting your important memories captured on 8mm film to other family members, extra DVD copies also in custom printed presentation packs can be supplied on request.

High resolution film editing files and sample transfers.

In addition to the encoded DVD's, we provide you with separate high resolution digital files from your film transfer. These files are suitable for archiving and any future movie editing requirements.
For larger film conversion orders we will, on request, provide a sample transfer from your collection to verify the premium film conversion service we provide.


There are some suppliers who do not advertise a business street address or may provide only a mobile telephone contact. Potential dangers with this type of operator may include your irreplaceable films being poorly copied by home based enthusiasts or sent to conversion facilities interstate or overseas where the risk of loss or damage can be significant.

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